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Work in June 2021

Oh June, you’re a bit slow for me but I had a great time.

I was given an opportunity to collaborate with the super talented HMUA: @beautybymrs.b and excellent photographer : @asha.araveti. They made me look like a normal human being. Hahaha thanks again!

Then, I took a corporate portrait of *someone (for PR purposes) However, I won’t be able to share it with you until it’s published.

Also, I also worked with @Andycamposfit and it was an amazing experience. It’s my first time to have a Godfather theme photoshoot. I will be sharing more photos with you very soon.

My favorite photoshoot was taken in May but the photos were published in June. And, I’m extremely honored and grateful to work with Interior Boulevard. I LOOOOOOVE THEIR PRODUCTS ! Take a look at it.

June, you were slow and nice to me. Hi July, be better. :)


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