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"Breaking Down the X: Capturing the Power of Human Connection through Photography"

Have you ever watched the anime "Silent Voice"?

The story follows a boy named Ishida who struggles with social anxiety and puts an X on people's faces as a way to isolate himself. As he begins to make friends and the X's start to disappear, we are reminded of the importance of human connection.

I found myself thinking about this concept in my own life and how often we interact with people without really seeing them. At parties or events, we may struggle to remember people's names and faces. We may even use substances to numb ourselves to the experience. We take photos and videos to capture the moment, but do we even remember what truly happened?

As a photographer, I feel inspired to recreate Ishida's story through my art. To capture those fleeting moments of true human connection and break down the X's we put on people's faces. To remind myself and others to be present in the moment and truly see the people around us.

Instead of putting an X on someone's face, let's strive to see them for who they truly are and connect on a deeper level.

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