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Work in January 2021

It’s my time of the month to be grateful, appreciate, and show my work to you.

As you know, it’s been really hard to find work these days so I’m extremely thankful for every photoshoot this month.

For portraits, I had an amaaaazing time with

  • Daria

  • @Katebbxx

  • @Poslushnaya_lingerie

  • @Yofitevents_

  • @rochellerosem

  • @life.of.lennox

I also like to thank this talented make up artist. Please check her work at @makeupbyabbi

For events, I photographed a brunch and yoga event at Huna by the pond.

For food, I photographed the following:

For products, I photographed Azraq, Biokare, and Rustic and Candle.

I’m thankful for everyone who has supported me this month. You know who you are.

Lots of love,

Elle x


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