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Work in February 2021

Oh February, the month of love.

The 2nd of month of the year hugged and showered me with love, blessings, strength, and clarity.

Here's my couple photoshoot with Alex and Mary:

Here's a beautiful portrait of Anne and please read the story behind this photoshoot:

I also photograph Kyabusa Music, a super talented musician.

This is one of my favorite photoshoots in February. If you wanna know more about this photoshoot, please read my blog:

I had an amazing photoshoot with a Female CEO in Dubai and it was one of the most memorable ever. It's something I can't share the pictures with you but I'm so grateful about the whole experience.

Anyway, here's my favorite birthday photoshoot with Razel and if you haven't read the blog about it, please click this link:

It's obvious that I work a lot with people so it's better for me to get vaccinated. So yes, I got vaccinated and I'm less paranoid than before. Hahahahah Thank you UAE for the free vaccination.

For the last few months, I've been baking a lot and one of my fave thing to bake is BANANA CAKE. DM me if you want one. haha

Obviously, I didn't bake the below. Hahahah They're made by one of the most creative bakery in Dubai - Occasions Marina.

I also took heaps of food photos in Huna Al Wasl, it's something I will definitely share later on. here's a sneak peek!

It was a lovely month and I hope to photograph more in March.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me in February. I'm sending you lots of love.


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