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Work in April 2021

Hello April 2021! Hello Holy Month of Ramadan. I know it's such a late post but please forgive me for slacking. It's been hectic lately (which is good and it's something I'm really grateful for).

Anyway, here's my work in April!

It was great to photograph Mr. Bane; please check out his Instagram page:

Also, it was soooo fun to take portraits of Sam Tring (@samtringmusic), such a beautiful lass inside and out!

Also, I took some photos of 2 great looking clients! Unfortunately, I'm unable to share it with you due to privacy agreement.

Say hello to Ms. Ice, one of the strongest women I've ever known.

In addition, I love taking photos of products like these:

Oh btw, I also made an engagement package. Sounds exciting yeah?

Thanks again, April! See you next year! Hahahhah

Hello May, you've been great!


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