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What’s a badass woman? (From a man’s perspective)

What’s a badass woman? (From a man’s perspective)

I asked my guy friends to define a badass woman. Here are their answers:

From Mr. talented and creative sound engineer:

“Badass woman to me is a cool woman who kicks ass and that can be in many things like life, business or just personality…
An achiever, winner”

From Mr. creative chef, writer, photographer, lover boy:

“For me, when she knows where she stands, when to fight and not back down, when she knows exactly how and when to say no, she does what she does best being that it is morally good.”

From Mr. Nice guy but not really:

“Independent, adventurous, and knows how to fight. Not just physically. Warrior’s mentality.”

From Mr. One of the smartest guys I know:

“A badass woman is a person of principle and integrity.
Don’t care how she makes her money or the lack thereof, or how nor who she gets it from.
Knows how to pick her battles, knows when to whip that sting full tongue.
Knows how to appropriately use her charisma.
Knows her role and does it exemplary.”

From Mr. super talented musician”

“For me, bad ass person is like aggressive in an awesome way. That doesn’t mean like violent but they pursue what they’re doing aggressively and they really work hard on it. With a lot of passion and emotion. And they are also very courageous and overcoming fear with that aggression.”

It’s interesting to know a man’s perspective of a badass woman. Some men are really into timid women and some men like the badass ones.

For me, a badass woman is a woman who cannot be molded, persuaded and dictated by society.

For you, what is a badass woman?


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