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What makes you attractive?

For you, what makes a person attractive?

There are millions of online articles about being attractive (i.e how to be more, attractive, facial traits that make someone attractive, or even how to tell if you are attractive).

And, there’s Instagram and the influencers. They will tell you what’s beautiful and what’s not. I respect their opinions and I have nothing against it.

For me, I am more concern about the wellbeing of a person. It’s crazy to think that the more physically good-looking a person is, the more he/she feels insecure about his/her own skin, nose, lips, et al. And, in my own eyes, the person is actually physically perfect and it’s a bit cray-cray that they don’t see it that way.

I’m happy to know that Ann, a model and a stewardess, agrees with me. Obviously, she’s attractive inside and out.

I hope I’ll meet more people like her, a person who thinks that we should not move mountains to look like someone else but accept and flaunts his/her own beauty.


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