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Summer time!

Who loves summer?

NOT ME! haha

I have been living in Dubai for 6 years now and I still complain about the hot weather. Lol

I mean, it feels like it’s 50C outside. Who can stand staying outside for 10 minutes? No one, right?!

Anyway, the good thing about summer is I have more time to shoot indoor. HURRAAAAH! I took heaps of indoor photoshoot last year and here’s one of my favorite!

Model: @xoxojeangray

I had the opportunity to photograph Jean and I was fortunate to be assisted by my super talented friend, Russell. It was such a fun photoshoot.

Obviously, she’s a natural and beautiful model. She’s also easy to work with and lovely to photograph.

Because it’s summer summer summmmmer time, I’m ready to take more studio shoots again!

You know the drill!

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Crisol Ocampo-Guintu
Crisol Ocampo-Guintu
17 giu 2021

Beautiful woman IN and OUT! <3

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