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Photographing love stories

When I was younger, my mother gave me a piece of advice about love and relationships. It’s the only thing I can remember and it has been the only advice that I truly follow. She said, “Never play with emotions.”

So when it comes to feelings or emotions, I’m keeping it real. Sometimes, I hide it but most of the time I show it, like photography. Models / subjects try to hide their feelings within, but it really shows in the photos. Just like this cute and adorable couple - Marry and Alex.

One of the best things in this photoshoot is knowing their story. I find it very interesting to know their background and their journey. Their love story is definitely unique.

They look so good together! It shows when they look at each other, right? I hope you can see what I see.

I would like to thank Marry and Alex (IG: @marrykyruk and alex_kapran) for trusting me with this photoshoot. It’s one of the most interesting photoshoots I’ve ever had.


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