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Maternity and couple photoshoot

Every time I photograph a happy couple, I genuinely feel happy for them. It’s good to see a couple who’s very stoked to have their first born and ready for the new chapter in their lives.

I was very fortunate to photograph this lovely young couple in Dubai. To be honest, she’s one of the prettiest preggies I’ve ever met.

I photographed them at their own villa and the atmosphere was really good. The couple was supported by their family and friends and it was an amazing experience.

This photoshoot’s not possible without the help of Verlyn and the super talented HMUA @beautybymrs.b. (Please check her Instagram page)

Overall, it was such a fun shoot and thank you Steph for the opportunity and the trust.

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francis gacang
francis gacang
Jun 16, 2021

Wooooww...Amazing shots!!! Elle

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