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International Women’s Day

When I was in Philippines, I grew up with men (most of the time). 80% of my friends are men, 10% women and 10% LGBT. It reflects on my personality, clothes, interests, and hobbies. I find it more comfortable to hang out with men because I can talk trash (*sht) to them and they won’t cry in front of me. Our insults are our banter.

I always see women as a fragile creature and must be taken care of all the time.

That perspective changed when I moved to Dubai.

I have observed that women are more hardworking, strong, and perseverant than men. 4 years ago, I was renting a bed space with 5 more women in a room. For me, I thought it was mental. I never experienced it before. But, when I knew their stories and their amazing personalities, my perspective of women changed A LOT.

Now, most of my friends are women and I’m really happy about it. I support their dreams, goals, businesses, or careers. I salute and respect them more than men. HAHAHAHHA

I'm so grateful for all the women I've worked with. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND!

And the greatest gift and blessing that I ever have is my MOM. You are strongest woman I know. Love you!

Cheers to all women! Happy International Women’s Day!


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