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Working with a makeup artist is really important for me. As a photographer, I recommend my clients to doll up and hire a makeup artist (unless you can do your own make up). If you’re like me, a woman who’s been trying to perfectly wing my eyeliner for years and still can’t do it right, it’s best to hire a makeup artist. Honestly, men should wear makeup for photoshoots.

And, I highly recommend Abby (makeupbyabbbi).

We started working in December 2020. I had this Christmas themed photoshoot and that’s when I knew she’s very talented. Take a look at our photoshoots that we did together.

Here's our second photoshoot together. I love a spring themed photoshoot because I'm into gardens, flowers and the likes.

Our third photoshoot was very interesting. I received heaps of positive feedback for this edgy look. Most of my shots are very candy-ish and flower themed look. But, I decided to change it and Abby helped me achieve it.

We did a birthday photoshoot last month with my close friend, Razel. Abby made an amazing job of making Razel look like an angel (innocent, timid, harmless woman). Hahahah

Here's my recent work with Abby, a car themed photoshoot. It proves that Abby is an exceptional make up artist. I really love her work. It's just so smooth and I don't have to do heaps of work in post prod.

If you're looking for a professional makeup artist, you know the drill! Here's her Instagram account:

Thank you Abby for making things possible. You are exceptional!


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