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Do I like to be photographed?

My close friends know I hate being photographed. It’s not my thing at all; it’s even hard to have selfies with me. I know, it’s a bit ironic. I’m a photographer but I hate being photographed.

The root of this problem is lack of self-love. It is something I have been working on and I’ve been loving my journey.

My collaboration with @beautybymrs.b and @asha.araveti was a biiiiiiiiiiiiig step for me. I was soooo nervous and conscious about everything. However, I tried my best not to show it at all.

So, here are the photos!

I swear there are heaps of photos but I decided to only post 3 photos of me. Again, my self-love is journey is quite low but at least it’s consistent.

Thank you again @beautybymrs.b and @asha.araveti for the effort and patience. YOU ARE AMAZING!


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