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Birthday Photoshoot

Two of my favorite things in the world:

Birthday and photoshoot

I’ve been living in Dubai for 5 years now (turning 6 in May) and I’ve been annually taking photos of my college chum and close friend.

It’s funny how we turned out to be friends here in Dubai. Here’s a short history: When we were in uni, we barely talk. To be honest, I don’t have any memories of her except when she’s performing on stage. That’s it.

Then, I moved in Dubai and I remembered she’s living here. I was having second thoughts of contacting her because we have nothing in common. If I think of it, we’re the exact opposite. Haha However, I thought she’s a nice person and it would be nice to have someone familiar and who speaks my language.

So yes, we have developed a really good friendship. I love taking photos of her because she’s photogenic and she’s always up for a photoshoot. I always love the thought of taking photos of her before her birthday. Here’s a photo I took of here in 2016 and 2021. See the difference! HAHAHHA

I always laugh at my old work. It’s horrible but it’s really good to take a look at my old work and learn from my mistakes.

I’m a little bit side tracked here but my point is I love taking birthday photoshoot. It’s fun and it’s one of the best gifts to give.

Thank you Razel for always believing and supporting me.


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